Brand identity: EYC ltd
Creative Director: Erica Choi
Client: Nikky Lyle  

Create logo for a support network called The Good Gang is a collective of different companies, all that have been created for the greater good, to give back to people and the planet. 

S O L U T I O N 
The use of circular tube was employed to communicate the meaning of ‘gang’ and security. Credibility and invulnerability were aided by reductive typography and bold colours.
It provided a blank canvas but also a way for us to respond to the naming power instead of particular sector such as typical organic food and break greenwash cliche and clutters.
As a result, ‘The Good Gang’ effectively reflects its purpose as a thriving association for multiple brands and companies that share similar missions and value.

T O N A L  G U I D E L I N E
Safety / Cool / Bold / Creative

T A R G E T  A U D I E N C E
Audience Research groups
Social enterprises 
Businesses based on plant based brands and products

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