At Studio EYC, we embarked on a creative journey to craft a unique and symbolic calendar, blending aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. Our goal was to deliver an immersive and romantic experience that resonates with meticulous design enthusiasts.
The Experience and Romanticism
Our focus extended beyond mere functionality. We sought to create a calendar that not only marked special days but also enhanced readability. The Studio EYC calendar promises a daily spark, inviting users to appreciate the passage of time in a unique and romantic way.

The entire design process was a culmination of meticulous decision-making and creative exploration. From conceptualising a set of 12 numbers to selecting coloured paper stocks, foil colors, and binding styles – each step was taken with utmost care and consideration.
Design Decisions and Process
1. Symbolic Stencil Numbers
We set out to design a set of 12 stencil numbers, each embodying a unique charm. This creative endeavour aimed to infuse the analogue look and feel with a thoughtful and symbolic touch.

2. Coloured Paper Stocks and Weights
Carefully selecting coloured paper stocks from Fedrigoni, including Meterica Clay, Terra Tossa, and Gesso at 180gsm, added depth and richness to the calendar's tactile quality.

3. Foil Colours and Finishing
Partnering with Foil Co Ltd for foil colours (no. 600, no. 799) and premium foil blocking brought an opulent touch to the design, enhancing the visual and tactile experience.

4. Practical Size
The calendar's practical size, measuring 380mm wide, was a conscious decision. It's an ideal fit for meticulous minimalistic design offices or home spaces, creating a functional yet visually striking piece.

5. Binding Colours and Styling
Deliberate choices in binding colours and styling further accentuated the overall design, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing calendar.

Typeface Design, Print Design, Art Direction

380 x 160mm 

Avenir Light

Fedrigoni Meterica Clay 180gsm
Fedrigoni Meterica Terra Tossa 180gsm
Fedrigoni Meterica Gesso 180gsm

Foil Co Ltd, no. 600 and no. 799

Banbury Litho
London Centre for Book Arts
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