Material Science by AKT II*

Art Direction
Erica Yunwook Choi 

Printing / Binding
Hunts Media 

Ed Moseley
Ricardo Baptista
Robert Partridge
Steve Toon

Technical Writer
Joshua Simpson

About Project
This set of brochures called Material Science explores the various materials used in building design and construction. Also, it looks into the use of Steel, Masonry, Timber and Concrete in the past, highlighting its use in many AKT II projects, and examines where the material can be developed further for use in the near future. 

*AKT II is a design-led structural, civil and façade engineering consultancy that has won over 250 awards for its work in the UK and across the world. 
This London based engineering company with 300+ employees believes in providing a high value and quality driven model which draws on a wealth of experience through to the successful delivery of a project. In addition to the project work undertaken we work with academic institutions, industry forums and design councils to enrich our knowledge and the projects on which we collaborate. The Swedish consultancy group Tyréns is also a shareholder of AKT II.

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