Simple Works

Suggest primary typeface, colour palette and design a Logo for this progressive and future thinking structural engineering practice in London.

B r a n d  v a l u e s  &  a i m s
The practice fundamentally believe that simple works and that complex problems can always be solved with simple solutions. Through their work they seek to help build a better world with conscious, innovative and environmental solutions. Their approach to work is creative, intelligent, collaborative, personalised and fun.

T a r g e t  a u d i e n c e
Architects, developers and property owners

C r e a t i v e  s o l u t i o n
The final design was married with a stencil, a classic industrial icon in the architectural and property sector. This bespoke stencil logotype is based on the Google font Quicksand which is representative of Simple Work’s core message of simplicity, consciousness and collaboration.

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