experiment on building envelopes, addis ababa 2014
This publication explores the projects generated during the innovative Experiment on Building Envelopes façade design programme run at the EiABC in Addis Ababa. By uniting local and international artists, architects, engineers and students, the programme sought to develop façade systems that are culturally relevant and environmentally sensitive to the fast-developing urban environments of sub-Saharan Africa. Local materials and construction techniques were fused with advanced digital tools, to create a series of intelligent, efficient and low-tech façade skins that can be easily translated into practice, opening up new possibilities for eventual, wide-scale adoption across the capital and beyond.
As this is an experimental architecture project with local materials in Ethiopia, I want this publication carries hand-crafted feeling and extraordinary geometric graphics for the cover.
ITC Stone Informal Std (title) / Dax (body)

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