Studio EYC recently partnered with Float Structures, a London-based structural practice, to rejuvenate their brand narrative. Guiding them through a transformative workshop, we uncovered their unique brand persona - a blend of warmth, intelligence, and inspiration.
Float Structures, a leading structural engineering consultancy, approached Studio EYC for a rebranding initiative. The challenge lay in differentiating Float Structures from larger, commercial practices, positioning them as a creative force that resonates with architects and design-conscious homeowners.

Understanding Float Structures' unique market position, Studio EYC delved into their ethos of creativity, collaboration, and innovation. The team identified key persona traits—Creative, Supportive, Detail-oriented, and Gifted—forming the foundation for a warm, smart, and inspiring brand tone. This involved translating these qualities into a visual language and messaging that would set Float Structures apart.
Visual Identity
Studio EYC crafted a logo with a sensitive bridge element, reflecting the gap for the stencil type, and a colour palette that exudes warmth and sophistication.

Messaging Strategy
Tonal guidelines were established, ensuring all communication emanated warmth, intelligence, and inspiration. The messaging emphasised Float Structures' human-centric, caring, and supportive approach, positioning them as not just engineers but collaborative partners.

Persona Development
The brand persona was honed to be Creative, Visionary, Supportive, and Detail-oriented, capturing the essence of Float Structures' commitment to excellence and innovative problem-solving.

Market Resonance
The rebrand positioned Float Structures as a standout choice for architects and homeowners seeking bespoke, creative, and risk-free structural solutions. The emphasis on being human, caring, and supportive aligned perfectly with their audience's values.

Float Structures' rebranding received widespread acclaim, resonating strongly with their target audience. Architects and homeowners alike embraced the warm, smart, and inspiring persona, recognizing Float Structures as not just engineers but partners invested in the success of every project.

Studio EYC's strategic approach to branding transformed Float Structures into more than a structural engineering consultancy. 
It made them a beacon of creativity, collaboration, and innovation, setting a new standard in an industry often perceived as rigid. 
The rebrand successfully communicated Float Structures' unique strengths, creating a lasting impression on their audience and establishing them as the go-to choice for visionary structural solutions.

Creative Direction, Branding, Print Design, Website Design

Digital brand guidelines
Logo design
Colour palette
Typography system
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Float Structures 

London, UK 
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