Evolve Consulting Engineers Brand Identity

Evolve, a London-based engineering firm with a strong focus on human-centricity, sought to revamp their brand identity to align with their core values and showcase their exceptional approach and expertise. As the Creative Director and Designer, my task was to infuse the brand with four distinctive values: brightness, empathy, competence, and diligence, whilst crafting a cohesive visual identity that truly represents Evolve's unique positioning in the market.
Client: Evolve Engineering
Project Duration: 04.2022 - 07.2022
Role: Creative Director/Designer
Develop a brand identity that reflects Evolve's human-centric approach and showcases their technical expertise.

Create a versatile and visually compelling logo and wordmark that captures the essence of the brand.
Establish a consistent and coherent visual language across various touchpoints.

Define brand guidelines for logo usage, clear space, colour palette, typography, and photography style.
Develop a distinct tone of voice that conveys Evolve's professionalism, helpfulness, and expertise.

- Logo and Wordmark
- Colour Palette
- Typography
- Photography Style
- Tone of Voice
- Website concept design
- Brand Collaterals

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