Studio EYC was commissioned by Deeney's to reimagine their branding for the exciting launch of Deeney’s Cafe at William Morris Gallery(WMG) in Walthamstow, London. Deeney’s, founded in 2012 by Paddy and Carol, quickly gained popularity in London's renowned food markets, including Broadway Market. Their permanent residence in Leyton since 2015 has been a hit, known for its famous 'The Macbeth' toastie, which has earned accolades like “London’s best sandwich” from the Evening Standard, Time Out, and Buzzfeed.
The William Morris Gallery, located in Walthamstow at Water House, a striking Grade II* listed Georgian residence, is dedicated to the life and works of William Morris, an English Arts and Crafts designer and early socialist. Nestled within the expansive grounds of Lloyd Park, WMG offers a serene and picturesque setting. With the launch of Deeney's at WMG in 2022, Deeney's sought to redefine its audience and draw inspiration from William Morris's visual aesthetic, harmonising with the beauty of the British Heritage.
Deeney's Cafe at WMG continues to delight patrons with its renowned hot cheesy toasties featuring Haggis and an array of hot and cold beverages. The menu has expanded to include a variety of teas, delectable cakes, and pastries. Situated on the ground floor, the cafe boasts sunlit interiors and picturesque views of Lloyd Park, providing both indoor and outdoor seating options.

Collaborating closely with founders Carol and Paddy, as well as illustrator Alezeia, we embarked on a fresh design journey that brought a new identity to life. Studio EYC revamped the logo and design system with updated typography, drawing inspiration from William Morris, British heritage, and the natural landscape. While staying true to Deeney's original warm, genuine, and creative persona, our design goal was to create a café experience that felt effortless, authentic, and uplifting.

The interior design was meticulously handled by Liliane Nguyen and Farida Farooqi, ensuring that the aesthetic harmoniously complemented the overall brand concept.
Our target audience included artistic Walthamstow residents, a diverse age range spanning from kids to the elderly, and academics with an interest in history and fashion. To guide the design process, we set tonal guidelines, focusing on a warm, genuine, and creative tone.

Naming, Brand Identity, Print Design, Art Direction

Deeney’s Cafe

Design Direction & Logo Design
Studio EYC

Totally Terrific by Set Sail Studios

Alezeia Fidalgo

Interior Design
Liliane Nguyen, Farida Farooqi

William Morris Gallery, London
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