Give a modern, user-friendly and adaptable website to the old flash-based design of AKT II*
My role
Market research on design and available website scripts/features depends on types of browsers, user experience design, wireframing, web typography, and web interface design. I also interviewed and tested our selected users due to building a relevant menu structure as well as working with our external developer within the grid system. 
We faced a few critical technical limits during this process, but I truly enjoyed learning online human interaction and behaviour. 
Creative Direction
Jan Friedlein, Erica Yunwook Choi

*AKT II is a design-led structural and civil engineering consultancythat has won over 250 awards for its work in the UK and across the world. They believes in providing a high value and quality driven model which draws on a wealth of experience through to the successful delivery of a project. In addition to the project work undertaken we work with academic institutions, industry forums and design councils to enrich our knowledge and the projects on which we collaborate.
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