Picturing Time Competition 2011
Those 3 posters, displayed in Sotheby's Colonnade Gallery on 29th July - 5th Aug., designed with the theme, called 'picturing time' by Clerk to the Clockmakers' Company in London, UK (www.clockmakers.org). This competition was about visualising 'TIME' in photographs, illustrations, designs in two dimensions or computer animations. 

Describing ‘Time’ was verytricky, however, when I located over 100 quotations and poems from literature;it gave loads of ideas through the work created by artists and novelists. Alsovisual conceptual Ideas were required. As photography is such a great method of capturing the moment, poster was designed with mixing two aspects which were photography and typography.  
*These 3 posters will also be shown at SalonQP Saatchi Gallery in November.

Designed by Erica yunwook Choi, Yasamin Samiei
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