I took an Art Director role for this Next Generation of Design* organised by Scale Rule
Disciplines: Photography, Video production, Print, Design and Social media

Photography: Erica Yunwook Choi, Joseph Eyles, Nigel Barker
Video producer: Erica Yunwook Choi
Editor: Richard Winter, Annabel Koeck 
Design: Erica Yunwook Choi
Visualisation: Philip Buckingham

*Next Generation of Design is an architecture, engineering workshop and pavilion construction. This year the students were set a brief to design for a pavilion for the grounds of St James’s Church gardens for Clerkenwell Design Week 2017, asking the students to think about social interaction, and ways of encouraging it, in today’s technology obsessed and isolating world.
Please find more detail about Next Generation of Design here.
Full video from our Next Generation Design workshops is available here.

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