Living Unit Poster

Art Direction
Erica Yunwook Choi
Technical Writer
Joshua Simpson
About Project
The brief was creating a hand out for an architectural project and debate called Living Unit* as a port of  London Design Festival 2018. Due to such a busy time for London with many other amazing showrooms and exhibitions, it needed to be eye catching and strong visual to support this hot topic, minimal living. 
*Living Unit was initiated by AKT II and OFIS Architects, the unit was born out of a larger initiative to research into homes in extreme environments, changes of rising costs of land, and the unprecedented draw to live in cities like London. Living Unit was open to the public throughout September 2018 at the White Collar Factory in Old Street, London. 

AKT II is a design-led structural, civil and façade engineering consultancy that has won over 250 awards for its work in the UK and across the world. 
This London based engineering company with 300+ employees believes in providing a high value and quality driven model which draws on a wealth of experience through to the successful delivery of a project. In addition to the project work undertaken we work with academic institutions, industry forums and design councils to enrich our knowledge and the projects on which we collaborate. The Swedish consultancy group Tyréns is also a shareholder of AKT II.

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